How can I help?

You’ve written your book, or you’ve got a great idea for a book but don’t know how to get it published? Perhaps you’ve been rejected by a publishing house and not sure what to do next?

Let me help you get your book published. I have a team of experts available to guide and assist you along the publishing journey. Indeed, I offer a full service – everything from editing, proofreading, design, layout and printing. I can even help you with the marketing.

The bonus of self-publishing is that, whilst you have some initial upfront costs, you retain 100% control over both the intellectual property and the royalties, and you can have as much input as you like into the finished product.

Whether it’s a novel, a training guide, a reference book, or a corporate documentary book, I can provide the skills and advice to bring your project to fruition and into a successful product. In addition, I also have experience in providing ebook conversion and producing audiobooks.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing all your hard work being delivered from the printer. Give me a call and I’d be delighted to discuss what projects you have in mind.